The Old Person Test

Although you may not be of an advanced age, you could still be a true grandparent on the
inside. This test isn't meant to be taken seriously. It's just a fun thing that I felt like

Check off all that apply

Possible Outcomes

0% - 9% = Teenage Hooligan
As far as the elders are concerned, you're a teenage hooligan whose up to no good.

10% - 19% = Grandma's Favorite
You are certainly grandma's favorite grandchild, and there's no contesting

20% - 29% = Neighborhood Grump
Everybody in the neighborhood knows that you're always watching your yard,
waiting to pounce on any kid who dares to step on your lawn or vault a baseball
over the fence.

30% - 39% = Hard candy enthusiast
If anybody ever wants a hard candy, they know that you're the person to call.

40% - 49% = Personified hearing aid
Pardon me, what did you say again?

50% - 59% = Early Bird Special
There's nothing like waking up at 4am so you can get to the Denny's in time for
the senior early bird special.

60% - 69% = Driver to Nowhere
Whenever you offer to drive, everybody knows that the car isn't going anywhere any time soon.

70% - 79% = Never-ending storyteller
One minute you'll be telling a never-ending story about the time that you found
a nickel in your booth at the buffet and the next minute, you'll be fast asleep.

80% - 89% = Most popular person at the senior home
You are, by far, the most popular person down at the old senior home.

90% - 100% = Immortal Being
You've been around for so long that no other old person dares to question your

Special thanks to:

My grandparents

My personal score is 23. If you scored higher, sent me an email from the link
on the about page including your score and alias to be used.

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