The Quick Nerd Test

This is the quicker and more painless version of the original 350 question Nerd Test. Since people have
complained about the length of the original, I compacted it into only 100 questions. Although it is shorter, this
test isn't as accurate and I urge you to take the original 350 question test.

Check off all that apply:

Possible Outcomes

0% - 9% = Pure
You're perfectly healthy and normal. That's good.

10% - 19% = Slight tendencies
You're not there quite yet, but you're still in a place where your score
could abruptly swing into 'nerd territory.

20% - 29% = Closeted nerd
Well Melvin, you're clearly past the point of no-return. Still, you want
to live a normal life. Despite this, everybody else can clearly tell that
deep inside you can't wait to open a Biology textbook and watch PBS.

30% - 39% = Low key nerd
You were definitely into many intellectual pursuits, but that never seemed
to impact your social life. You spent good time with both the nerds and the
'cooler' kids, and were well-known around the school.

40% - 49% = Honors student
You were the kid who saw nothing lower than an 'A' and who always made the
honor roll. When others were panicking and trying to raise their D to a C, you
were perfectly fine.

50% - 59% = Experienced convention-goer
You're everywhere. All the guys down at the Hamfest know you on a first name
basis, and you've lost count of how many ComicCons that you've attended.

60% - 69% = The smart kid who has a movie named after him
You're practically the movie-grade smart kid. You've got the neutron style, the
large cranium, and you seem to always call salt 'sodium chloride.

70% - 79% = Poindexter
At this point the question isn't even 'how low can you go.' It's about how
much that those around you can take.

80% - 89% = Human Microchip
You have transcended beyond the mortal plane of existence. Other nerds are
nothing compared you. Your complete devotion to academics and your mannerisms are
enough to turn almost anyone away from you.

90% - 100% = Nerd God

Special thanks to:

Dr. Goff
Everybody who was a beta tester
Armory's "Nerdity" test
Innergeek's "Geek Test"

The highest score is mine, at 81 points. If you scored higher, sent me an email from the link
on the about page including your score and alias to be used.

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