My Opinions

Here are some hopefully not controversial opinions of mine. Don't take anything here too
seriously. It's written to entertain, not incite anger. I couldn't find a good GIF.

Alright, here are a few opinions of mine.

The Sims 4 A fun, albeit overpriced, virtual dollhouse.

4chan: The site is a cesspool of edgy internet racists, Japanese porn enthusiasts, and trolls. Enough said.

Button down/up shirts: I used to wear one every day but since they'd always puff out and get too hot, I swiched to polo shirts.

Nuclear Fusion: Fund fusion research! If we're going to quit using coal and gas power, wind turbines and solar panels alone can't support the entire country.
The future will be powered by fusion and thorium, guarenteed. Don't be afraid of the atom.

Math: Don't get me wrong, math is a very important subject and can be interesting if taught properly. However, the way that it's taught in school makes it my least
favorite subject. Math can be fun, but being forced to do polynomial drills makes it quite the opposite.

Formal Clothing: It's good to always dress and present yourself well. I wear formal clothing all the time because I like it. That's all that I can really say.

Github: A great service which I use to host my site. The best part is that is costs nothing. That's right, absolutely nothing. Even if you don't have a website,
you can still push any programming project that you desire to your very own GitHub repo while also allowing others to collaborate with you. GitHub is great. Long live GitHub.
GitHub > PornHub.

Programming: With so many schools across the United States pushing coding upon students, all that I can really say is "Anyone can learn to code, but not everyone
should learn to code." If you enjoy it then go ahead, but don't learn it for the sake of landing a job that you'll end up hating. There are other equally useful skills
that you can learn and apply towards your career path.

Roman Numerals: By far the prettiest numerical system. Why write 1987 when instead you could write MCMLXXXVII? As you may have seen, I am a pretty big fan of Roman
numerals and I try to use them as much as I can. With a little bit of practice, reading/writing Roman numerals practically becomes a second nature.

Desk Fans: Unfortunately, my house doesn't have an AC unit which makes bearing the hot LA summers rather difficult. Thankfully, desk fans (sort of) solve this
problem. Horse Badorties would be proud.

Malls: They're too crowded and loud for me. I get the convenience, but I'm still not a big fan.

Movies: Some of them are good, but many aren't. Movies were better back when CGI was in its infancy and not everything had to be overproduced.

Digital Piracy: All blockbuster game companies exploit people out of their money by making you pay $60 for a game, and then charging you $600+ for all of the
expansions (*cough* The Sims 4 *cough*). Although I am not advocating for piracy, it's insane how so many large companies would be fine with hurting their consumers
for nothing more than a minute increase of their bottom line. Anti-piracy advocates have been going on about how "if everybody pirated, then how would companies get
money?" However, there will never be a scenario where everybody becomes a pirate. Digital piracy is easier than ever, and yet the companies still make billions off of
their goods. There will always be genuine consumers, and there will always be pirates.

Discord: At its core Discord is a good IM platform. However, pretty much all of the public servers are full of 14 year-olds trying to seem "cool" and "edgy."
Along with that, around half of the people on there are racist and are not afraid to show it. This all adds up to create a rather... undesirable community.

Anti-Vaxxers: Stop fooling yourself and get vaccinated. The government is too busy wasting your tax dollars on useless programs to be putting poisonous
chemicals into vaccines, and what makes your small group of quack "scientists" more correct that a larger group of scientists who have time and time again, disproven
the untrue claims of vaccines causing autism. Your useless essential oils do absolutely nothing. Stop denying science and start being a logical human being.

Speelign an gramer: Speelign n gramer is dum! Actually though, quit constantly correcting people on how they spell words and follow grammar rules.
Misspelling words doesn't automatically make you stupid. In fact, I do it all the time. If people want your help, they'll ask. Also, for christ's sake stop
calling yourself a "Grammar Nazi." It sounds tacky.

Music: So many people are way to arrogant about music. Music taste is purely subjective. I bet that plenty of people hate what I listen to,
and I'm perfectly fine with that.

Air Pods: Another overpriced and overhyped Apple product. I realize that they are another status symbol, but are they really worth ~$150?
There are many cheaper options which offer a more superior level of quality, and yet you choose the Air Pods? Then again, I've never really been
a fan of wireless devices. Even though the non-ionizing radio waves may not technically damage DNA, they can't be too good for you in huge

Pre-Ripped Jeans: I've never been able to fathom why somebody would be alright with spending more money for a pair of pants which look
like they were torn during a drunken spree. Whereas a normal, whole pair of Levis 514 32X32 Mens jeans costs $39.99, the pre-torn pair costs an
astounding $49.99. If you really do enjoy wearing weathered jeans, you could save a bit of money by buying the whole pair and tearing them yourself,
or you could just wear them as is.

Television: It seems as if nobody really watches much television anymore. While I do catch PBS every once in a while, I don't watch it
otherwise. While TV used to be a way of life, now the internet has taken its place as the primary means of transmitting information,

Modern Webpages:Bloated, not user friendly, and unoriginal.

The USA: It's practically turned into an international circus. Case closed.

Video Games: I'll admit that I used to play a ton of them a long while ago. However, I don't so as much anymore. Video games these days
are expensive, bloated cash-grabs designed to siphon as much money from your bank account as they possibly can. The last video game that I bought
was a copy of some stupid christian clone of Wolfenstein 3D called "Super 3D Noah's Ark," and that was for $2.50 during the December Steam sale.
Everything else was... obtained through other means. The point is, I'm never going to pay for a modern AAA title. Support the indie devs instead
of putting more cash into the pockets of EA and T2.

Books: Books are pretty great, and they're definately more educational than banging your head against a keyboard as your webmaster
does. However, I still use my Fire HD 8 tablet over reading a book. Although it is from the evil privacy invader known as Amazon, I disabled
a bunch of their spyware and almost never have the internet connected. Another thing that makes it great is that I can put as many pirated ebooks
that I want into the thing and it will display them with bliss. Also, it only cost m e $50 during black Friday.

Obsolete Computers: Be nice to old computers, they can actually be worth quite a bit to collectors. Although your 2004 Pentium 4
Dell won't fetch any high bidders, a lot of old IBM, Apple, Commodore, etc. models from the 90s and older are worth something. There's
no point in recycling an old machine which you could easily sell to a collector who would appreciate it. Even if you can't sell it,
they are pretty fun to fiddle with.

Fast Food: Yes, it is bad for you. Yes, it tastes good. If I'm hungry after computer class and don't want to make something,
I couldn't care less about what's in the food or where it came from. It's advertised as being fast and cheap, not a gourmet vegan 100%
farm-to-table organic meal. It's one thing to eat a McDonalds burger once a week, and it's another to consume huge quantities of the stuff
every day for every meal. It's not McDonalds fault if your kids are morbidly obese from cramming down Happy Meals. How about you stop
buying them that every single day?

Windows 10: It's spyware, but at least I can run all of my Steam games and software. If it weren't for that, I'd still be
using Ubuntu.

Windows 8: An awful operating system which made everything more difficult. Thankfully nobody uses it anymore... or do they?

Windows 7: The second best version of Windows. It was slick, fast, and secure. Not to mention that it came with tons of
OEM PCs. It took Vista and made it not suck.

Windows Vista: Bloated and slow. The UI is nice but nobody asked for it. Thankfully it morphed into Windows 7.

Windows XP: The best version of Windows, by far. Even 16 or so years later, it has aged very well.

Epic: "Epic" is not epic. Epic.

Reddit: Although there are a ton of really bad subreddits (The_Donald, incels, LSC, etc.),there are also quite a few good
ones. I've gotten a few free things from the guys over at r/retrocomputingbattlestations, and have had plenty of great laughs. Reddit
is the closest thing to social media that I'll touch. You should get a Reddit account. Long live Reddit.

Web Advertisements: I'd be fine with a little bit of web advertising if the advertisers didn't track you or take your data,
and if they weren't so obnoxious. Having a small 100x250 rectangle on the side of a website is one thing, and a giant autoplaying
which takes up the entire viewport and starts blasting audio at 100% is another. I personally use Adblock, and would recommend that
everybody starts using it until advertisers clean up their act.

Cell Phones: Cell phones used to be a phone in your pocket. Now, their anything but a phone. I bought a cell phone to keep
in contact with others, not so I could sip iBeer while sending blurry photos of my face to others and irradiating my brain.

Firefox: It's a pretty good browser. I prefer Opera but would still use it over everything else.

Google Chrome: It's a shame that Google Chrome turned out the way that it did. The chromium base is so great, yet Google
bogged it down with a crap ton of software designed to steal your information and sell it to advertisers. Use Opera. Opera is better.

Opera Browser: The best browser in the world, hands down. It's speedy yet light and includes features similar to chrome,
minus the datamining.

YouTube: There are a few channels which I watch regularly. However, most of the content on there seems to involve showing
off your money or getting into fake feuds. That, or some 10 year old screaming into a dollar store mic. Also, Google is an evil
company. YouTube should have never sold out to them.

CDs/DVDs/Blueray: What's the point of paying more for a physical copy of a song or movie which takes up tons of space
over purchasing it digitally? Although you keep telling yourself that the disks have resale value, you'll never actually end up
selling anything and they'll sit around forever. A hard drive can store tens of thousands of full HD movies in a tiny space.
Stop settling for less.

Valentines Day: Blatant commercialism. There's nothing romantic about a fake holiday created by companies to sell
more chocolate and flowers. Oh wait... that's every holiday. Not one has survived commercialism.

Apple: Apple is a terrible company. Their entire business model relies on cheating consumers out of large sums of money
for poorly made and inferior products. I can change the RAM on any other laptop, so why can't I do it on a Macbook? Oh wait,
you can't even replace the hard drive on their new computers. It seems as if 98% of their development goes into making the device
more difficult to get into, and the other 2% goes into making it fail faster.

Intelligence: It's difficult to find somebody who isn't "intelligent." Don't believe me? Think of something which you are
good at. It doesn't matter if it has to do with sports, gaming, socializing, singing, or skateboarding. Everybody is good at
something, even if they don't know it. Although traditionally intelligence has been viewed as academic, it can be found in many
other places as well. Although somebody such as a professor may be very academically intelligent, most wouldn't likely be able
to skateboard or sing or restore a car, even to save their own life.

Braces: Semi-voluntary mouth torture in the form of overpriced metal glued to your teeth and then bound by wires.
As somebody who has them, I feel that braces aren't worth the pain. Just thinking of wires being tightened around and shifting
teeth is enough to make any sane person go numb

Wireless Internet: Being able to use the internet anywhere without having to use a bulky cable is very good. However,
if you use a stationary desktop computer and have a horrible internet connection, then using a wired connection is the better

Coding/Coders [TechMT]: One thing which I see a lot is people who create something on scratch or on code24 and consider themselves an
experienced coder. Now, in no way do I consider myself top of the line, but you're reading this website so... we can obviously code
at least a little bit. If you go on scratch and make something YOU ARE NOT A CODER, unless of course you are, and are on there for fun,
but if you aren't, then actually take the time to lean how to code, it isn't that hard once you get the hang of it, and it's fun!

Nerd Culture/Labels: One thing which I still do not understand is the fact that despite being an insult, the "nerd"
label has become more desirable as well as trendy in recent years. It almost seems as if "nerd culture" and "pop culture" have
intersected, making so-called "nerdy" traits become popular. These days, it's "cool" to like Science Fiction, Computers, and to
wear "nerdy" clothing. To be honest, I feel that the need to possess a label is more alarming than the people who beat up nerds
fifteen years ago taking on the identity. Your self-worth is determined by the impact which you leave on this world, not by
what your peers label you as. If you take away the connotation of said label, all that you get is a meaningless word. In
practice, the "coolest" of us are those who help others and who leave the world better than it was beforehand.

Laptop Trackpads: Pretty much all of them are a chore to use. The trackpad's always not sensitive enough or
too sensitive, and when you glide your fingers over them, it either feels like you're touching a sticky pane of glass or
fine-grit sandpaper. To be honest, I greatly prefer IBM's trackpoint. Fore those who don't know, it's the red nub in the middle of all thinkpad keyboards.


  Ah... much better!

State Standardized Testing: I see it as a semi-viable way of measuring how well the students of a given school
are performing compared to state standards, but I dislike how the attitude with them is that if you get a bad score, then
you must be an idiot. You can know everything about a given subject and still score poorly on the test. There are so many
variables that is is impossible to tell one's true intellect from the results.

Social Media: Data-mining and targeted advertisements forced onto your screen thinly disguised as a "trendy"
way to share blurry photos of yourself with your... lovely friends. It's been proven time and time again that social media
companies sell your personal data for a profit, so other companies can use it for promotional or more... shady purposes.

DRM: Just another way of software companies saying "Even though you bought our product, you don't actually
own it." If you buy a good, physical or software, then you have full ownership of said item. Besides, every single DRM
scheme ends up getting cracked within a few weeks and the software that you wrote ends up getting pirated anyways. Tip:
Loyal customers will always pay for your software, and pirates will always pirate. Absurd DRM measures hurt honest consumers
and do nothing to prevent piracy.

Smart Devices: Not everything has to be a smart device to still be functional. Sure, Smart Watches, Smart TVs,
and smart speakers make sense. However, things begin to become over top when every manufacturer wants to release their own "smart"
thermostat, "smart" fan, "smart" car, and "smart" refrigerator. Some things are better without tiny computers tacked onto them.
Along with that, these "smart" devices are more difficult to repair than their "dumb" counterparts. As soon as you add a touch
screen and wireless internet connectivity to something, you're instantly adding thousands of more parts which could go wrong.

Electric Vehicles: Electric cars are the future. However, as of now they're not worth buying compared to vehicles with
a traditional combustion engine due to their higher cost, long and inconvenient charging times, expensive eco-unfriendly
batteries which are bound to fail before the motor does, and the fact that every single electric car seems to be going for a
"computer on wheels" theme.

PC RGB Lighting: Can look pretty neat if done well. An example of well-done PC lighting would be a few RGB fans
and maybe another smaller component like the motherboard. Just don't make that much of your budget revolve around it.

In-App Purchases: A tell-tale sign of a low quality application or game. Instead of dealing with a barrage of ads and
having your wallet emptied so you can get more "gems," just spend the few extra dollars to buy software that doesn't have any of
that malarkey.


  Why would somebody want to spend any real money on this

School: Honestly, I really do enjoy going to school. I am interested in the material, and going to school is
practically the only time that I ever leave the house. However, I've noticed that many others do not agree with my claim.
Although it may seem useless to be learning about angle proofs and mitosis, just the act of being in a classroom that you
couldn't care less about builds patience and resilience. Although you may not want to go to college, at least graduate from
high school.

Sports: A bunch of very tall or wide people kicking/hitting/throwing/bouncing a ball around some sort of stadium. I've never really gotten why people get so passionate while watching them but then again, I've never really cared about
that sort of thing anyways.

Politics: I find politics to be very boring. It's kind of absurd seeing tons of people from all sides of the argument
getting so passionate over the exact same things time and time again. Can't we all just quit fighting over silly purposely
dramatized scenarios designed to hit everybody's nerves and work together to solve problems? Nevermind, politicians are amazing
people who could never tell a lie!

The News/Media: Related to the topic above, it's all just more fake manufactured lies to make the unaware masses go
absolutely berserk. Buzzfeed, CNN, Fox News, Infowars, it's all the same stuff, it's just paraphrased a thousand times over. If you
are in search of the actual truth, then try forming your own opinions from your own experience.

Watches: I've been wearing my Casio databank for a few years and I have to say, it's the best watch that I've ever owned.
It has lots of useful features like a calculator, a phonebook, dual time, etc. while still managing NOT to be a connected "smart"
device. I used to own a Pebble brand smartwatch for around half a year. However, charging the watch every single night and dealing
with its poorly written software was a chore.

Desk fans: A godsend for those who don't have a house AC unit, such as myself.

Calculators: Another godsend, this time one for those who can't do/don't feel like making a calculation. If you haven't
heard, I collect calculators. A page with my collection on it is coming very soon!

Cryptocurrencies: Everybody thought that Bitcoin was unstoppable, and then it crashed. Real money is way less volatile, and
the stock market is a better tried-and-true method of investing money to later make more than you invested. Also, all those cryptominers
bought up every last video card during the Bitcoin craze and caused the prices for GPUs to be doubled.

Bird/Lime Scooters: NONONONONONONONONONO! scooter

  Some of the scooters at a "Bird's Nest." Even more obnoxious than vermin.

Cloud storage: My data isn't yours to keep, thank you very much. I'd never trust Google drive with anything other than a school
book-report for any period of time. Long live physical storage mediums! You've heard of people hacking online cloud storage platforms, but
have you ever heard of somebody hacking into a CD? I sure haven't

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