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I'm still alive. [Ivan - August 18th, 2019]

Although I haven't made too many edits during the summer, I am alive and well. You should expect to see more content when school is


IT'S FINALLY HERE, THE STUDY GUIDE FOR ROME AND CHRISTIANITY! It's 15 pages long and very text heavy. For ease of use, I've bolded
important topics that WILL BE ON THE FINAL. Part 2 is coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

The Chapter 6 Study Guide [Ivan - May 7th, 2019]

Yesterday (and technically today) I worked from approximately 5:00pm - 12:30am just so I could bring you guys the study guide. This
time around it features 12 pages chock-full of text and images covering the entire meiosis/genetics/blood unit. If you are interested,
just hop onto the Academics page and study to your heart's content. As a side note, I highly suggest that you go back and write your own
notes to use on the exam. The study guide's purpose is to enhance, not replace, your own notes.

How to get an A on your Bio Exam [Ivan - March 23rd, 2019]

It's finally complete; the study guide for Dr. Llamas Honors Biology class. Go down to the Academics page and download it. In other
news, I also changed the website theme to a space theme while also adding a lot of new content to the about page. I have also been
working on a new project which I think that you all will enjoy.

Study Materials [Ivan - March 19th, 2019]

Here's a small announcement. Check on the Academics page, as I have added links to my quizlet classrooms for English and History.
While my specialty is still making science study guides, I have also decided to share some sets that I've already made to help you,
the people.

More Quizzes [Ivan - March 4th, 2019]

Well, a lot got done today. I've added two new tests for your enjoyment; a slimmer version of the Nerd Test and a new Old
Person test. Both are only 100 questions, so it can't hurt to give them a try. Also, be sure to take the 350 question Official
Nerd Test. All can be found on the Personal page.

The Internet of Things [Ivan - March 1st, 2019]

I finally made a webcomic. Although I didn't spend any time on making pretty art, I do think that the message is conveyed
well enough. I plan on releasing more editions of The Internet of Things comic in the future. Remember, send all ideas over
to the about>contact page. If you want to read the comic, just go to Ramblings.

More to Read! [Ivan - Feb 25th, 2019]

board Over the past few days, you may have noticed two things; that the view counter now looks different and that there is a
lot more to read on the site. Yes, I have added a few more opinions and have posted another story to the Personal > Writing
page. Also, the old counter actually quit working. It flat-out refused to do anything. I ended up upgrading the counter so
it shows the total page views (not unique) for each individual page. Also, it looks much prettier than the old one.

The Nerd Test [Ivan - Feb 25th, 2019]

The Official Nerd Test is finally finished, after all these months! The test itself is 350 questions long, and it ranks you
based on the percentage of the questions that you're ticked. A higher percentage means that you have a higher nerd-factor.
The test is still in the beta testing stage, so feel free to send me suggestions

Ivan's Domain [Ivan - Feb 17th, 2019]

I was finally able to obtain a real web address for the website. Although it isn't as great as ","
"" is still better than "" As was posted on the index page, the old url still
works and you should still keep it bookmarked. It isn't going anywhere, as long as this site is hosted on Github.
I'd still reccomend at least knowing the "" address incase the ".me" one ever goes down, though. However,
it will be much easier to remember the url and tell it to others.


Trains and Study Guides [Ivan - Feb 17th, 2019]

Quite a bit of work has been going on today. I added my old Transport Tycoon Page to the personal tab,
made a lot of headway on the Nerd quiz, and added a few more improvements all around. I would also like
to steer your attention to the Academics page, where there is a biology chapter 4 study guide. It
features 11 entire pages packed to the brim with information, so I suggest that you download and print it
out. After all, it can't hurt to have notes from the entire chapter. More is coming later today, so keep
that in mind.

Content Galore [Ivan - Feb 11th, 2019]

It's only been a day since the new website launched and already, I've added a ton of new content. Mostly
new opinions and games. In the next few days more will be added, so remember to check back frequently.
Everything is still undergoing testing, so don't be afraid to send me any suggestions or bug reports using
the contact form on the "About Me" page.


Long Life the New Website! [Ivan - Feb 10th, 2019]

The old website is gone, forever. I'm not bringing it back. However, there is a much nicer and
more intuitive site on the block. Long live Ivan's World 2.0! Now instead of looking like something
that a drunk kid make in 1996, the site now resembles that of a company which hasn't existed or
updated anything since the year 2002. How wonderful.

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