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Ivan's World

Welcome to Ivan's World, the personal domain of Ivan Petrov.

This is it, this is a website in its purest form

And it is wonderful

I get that everybody wants their site to stand out and be flashy, but there's a certain
point where all of the "modern-design" becomes boring and overused. I may be a terrible
web designer, but it doesn't take much thought to realize that every single generic
millennial blog's design is boring, bloated, and overall unnecessary. This page is an
obvious exaggeration and while I don't think that McDonalds should be modeling their
corporate site after mine, it can't hurt to put function over form. Hampering websites
from performing property or being compatible with legacy devices in the name of vanity
isn't progress, it's regression. I tried out my site on IE 5 and unsurprisingly, it loads
perfectly. The Internet was meant to unify humanity and instead, it is bringing us further