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Here are some games that I've found/made. Enjoy. THe page takes a while to load, so be patient.


Genesis III - Lazarus

Controls - The button at the far left corner with the music notes leads to the music station. From there, you can change
the music's volume or change which track is playing The button with planet Earth on it leads to the tile placement menu
The button with the floppy disk leads to the file manager The button with the graph on it leads to statistics
The nuke button clears the current world The button with a sign on it acts as a basic help menu. It automatically vanishes
after ten seconds The question mark button shows information about the game and its author On the right corner of the screen,
there is a long bar covered in nine tiles. This "item-bar" stores recently clicked and used items automatically. On the left
corner of the display is an indicator showing you what tile is currently selected. Construction - Upon clicking the
"tile placement" button you are greeted with a green window that says "Construction" at the top with many tiles below.
To select an item that you want to use, simply click any tile. It should move into the item-bar automatically. To build cities/roads
just click the large green buttons at the window's right hand corner. A new tile set will then appear. To set the background,
just go to the BG tab and click the color which you want your background to be Placing Tiles - Now that we've selected our tiles,
click on the desired tile located in the item-bar. After that, all you have to do is click and drag the mouse around.
Saving and Loading - From the file manager, select the "save" button. It will output a code. Copy this code and put it
somewhere safe, as it contains your world's current state. To load a save file, just click load and paste it into the prompt

Minecraft SE

Remember to shift-click the green flag so it says "turbo mode!"
E - Inventory
Left Click - Place block
Space - Place block (more precise)
Move the mouse to move the cursor
Use the pickaxe in the inventory to delete blocks
Click "Sandbox" to play
Click the items in the inventory to select them

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