Writing and More

A while ago I wrote a book titled "The Department" and... it was very awful. I've put it here
and in the future, I hope to put more writing on this page.

The Escort Mission of Kavol [By: MickMS] [Wordcount = 598] [Genre = Sci-Fi]

During a U.T.E. paratrooper lead escord of the Kavolkian abmassador, a halo jump goes terrible wrong
and trooper Gin must fight to survive.

Download the PDF here

The Department [By: Ivan Petrov] [Wordcount = 20,630] [Genre = Sci-Fi]

Have you ever wanted to read a crummy mish-mash of 1984, Bladerunner and Fahrenheit 451? Too bad!
Not only is The Department cliche, but it's 50 pages worth of cliche! Read at your own will.

Download the PDF here

...At least I attempted to try...

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