Hello, I am Ivan (Bonus points if you know my real name). My interests include academics,
biology, reading, writing, fiddling with obsolete technology, and music.

(In)Frequently Asked Questions

What is the point of this website?
Ivan's World does not aim to serve a single function. Rather, it is an experiment
to see how closely I could reproduce the "90s web page" look on an entire website. Since
then, I've transformed it into a personal website where I can upload all of my content to.

Why am I here?
You either found one of "advertisements" somewhere in the city, came through a link
on one of my other accounts, were referred here by me in real life, or were summoned by
a wizard.

This website looks terrible!
Then go ahead, make your own. You have nothing to prove to me. I do not care.

Why "Ivan?"
I've used the "Ivan" name as an alias for a little while and I wanted to use it.
I got the name itself off of a list of popular Russian names since I usually use
European names as aliases.

Where did you get all of the site backgrounds from?
All of the site backgrounds were sourced from archives of old OS wallpapers and floppy
disk extras.

What happened to [insert page, file, feature, etc. here]?
It was probably pruned and most likely won't be coming back. Sorry about that.

What is there to do?
Click on the hyper-links and you'll find out!

Whoa, what happened to the old site?
I see that you noticed the recent change in theming, long-time user. Doesn't it look
slightly better? I saved a copy of the old site to my computer, in case you're wondering.
Still, it's not coming back.

You're wrong/stupid/mean/ugly/etc.
I suggest that you get off your computer and go to sleep. Getting mad behind a monitor
isn't going to do anything.

How could I go about contacting you?
Just fill out this easy contact form. Please be nice to my email address...

Could I write articles for this website as a contributor?
If I know you in real life, then sure. Just tell me that you want to contribute. I'd
be more than happy to put your articles on my website. Speaking of contributors...

Website Contributors

Ivan HRB [Web master]
TechMT [Secondary Editor]
MickMS [Contributor]
MatthewTP [Contributor]
Doomsday Piggies [Contributor]

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